Comic 300 - Reincarnation treatment

Posted on 30th Oct 2018, 9:00 AM in The Young Baron
Reincarnation treatment
Panel 1:
The Baron von Fieffelfalsfaffel materializes in front of a building with a marquee that says: Reincarnation Institute of Kashmir. Hanging around in front of the building is a woman dressed in a short dress and high heels, who is smoking a cigarette.

Panel 2:
The Baron approaches the woman.

Panel 3:
The woman speaks.
Reincarnation Sex Worker: Fancy some reincarnation treatment, Sir?

Panel 4:
Reincarnation Sex Worker: I can offer three soul awakenings for the price of two.
Baron: I'm in!

Panel 5:
The Reincarnation Sex Worker ambles up the stairs into the building. The Baron follows.
Reincarnation Sex Worker: Follow me!

Panel 6:
The Reincarnation Sex Worker points to a bed. The Baron looks enthusiastic.
Reincarnation Sex Worker: Just relax while I slip into something more comfortable…

Panel 7:
The Baron, now shirtless, is reclining on the bed with his eyes closed. Behind his head, the Reincarnation Sex Worker, now nude except for stockings and high heels, is jumping into the air and lifiting a very large hammer over him
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