Comic 3 - Tapper's brief moment of panic

Posted on 3rd Oct 2015, 12:49 PM in The Double
Tapper's brief moment of panic
Prudi is dragged away by persons unseen.
Tapper stays behind alone.A family of mice eyeballs him.
Baby mouse: Look! Funny man!
Mama mouse: Sssh! Don't point, child! Drunks are dangerous!
Tapper wakes up.
Tapper: What happened? Prudence? PRUDENCE! I'm alone! Good gods, it's terrible! Somebody ought to do something! Perhaps I... but what? There's nobody- Wait! I know!
Minutes later, Tapper arrives at Ioannes von Kildenbusch's door.
Tapper: Ioannes von Kildenbusch?
Ioannes: Yes?
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