Comic 297 - Everyone is selling things

Posted on 27th Oct 2018, 9:30 AM in The Young Baron
Everyone is selling things
Panel 1:
Once again, the Baron von Fieffelfalsfaffel finds himself washed ashore.

Panel 2:
The Baron walks down a boulevard, on either side of which fakirs and magicians are at work.

Panel 3:
The Baron starts a conversation with a bearded man in a turban, who is playing a horn at some snakes.
Baron: Do you know where to find the Fountain of Youth?

Panel 4:
Snake charmer: I have no idea. But I can sign you up for snake charmer evening classes?

Panel 5:
Baron: Maybe some other time.
Snake charmer: As you like.

Panel 6:
The Baron is in conversation with a younger man in a turban, who is lying prone on a bed of nails.
Fakir: The Fountain of youth? Can't say I've heard about it. But I can teach you some bed of nails basics.

Panel 7:
The Baron turns around and walks off.
Fakir: You will find it rejuvenating!
Baron: Have a nice day!
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