Comic 287 - A fate worse than death

Posted on 17th Oct 2018, 10:59 AM in The Young Baron
A fate worse than death
Panel 1:
As the ghost mummy wolfmen work to fix the hole in their pyramid, the Baron von Fieffelfalsfaffel bemoans his fate.
Baron: Everything is dead around here!

Panel 2:
Baron: The moon doesn't even have an athmosphere!

Panel 3:
The Baron picks up the pieces of a broken hangglider. The lead ghost mummy wolfman looks up at him from his work.
Baron: Not even this hangglider has any life on the moon!

Panel 4:
The lead ghost mummy wolfman, having seen the Baron's distress, talks to his team members.
Lead ghost mummy wolfman: He's right, actually. We should help him.

Panel 5:
The ghost mummy wolfmen start fixing up the hangglider, welding and screwing bits of it back together.
Baron: What are you doing? Whatever you do, it's no use…

Panel 6:
The ghost mummy wolfmen attach a rocket to the hangglider.
1. ghost mummy wolfman: Poor man!
2. ghost mummy wolfman: He doesn't even understand elementary rocket science!

Panel 7:
The ghost mummy wolfmen strap the Baron into the hangglider.
Baron: I see no hope! I'm worse than dead!

Panel 8:
The ghost mummy wolfmen prepare for launch by lighting a fuse under the rocket. The Baron continues to moan.
Baron: I am dead on the moon!
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