Comic 286 - Statistically, everyone is dead

Posted on 16th Oct 2018, 9:45 AM in The Young Baron
Statistically, everyone is dead
Panel 1:
The Baron von Fieffelfalsfaffel, newly mummified, is sitting up. A ghost mummy wolfman watches over him.
Baron: I can't breathe!
1, Ghost mummy wolfman: Of course not!

Panel 2:
1. Ghost mummy wolfman: Remember you are on the moon!

Panel 3:
Baron: Am I dead?
Ghost mummy wolfman: So what?

Panel 4:
Ghost mummy wolfman: Ninety-nine percent of mankind are dead.

Panel 5:
The Baron cries.
Baron: But I don't want to be dead on the moon! I am lonely!

Panel 6:
A second ghost mummy wolfman pats the Baron on the shoulder.
2. Ghost mummy wolfman: You don't have to be lonely! We are here for you!

Panel 7:
Baron: But you are dead too!

Panel 8:
2. Ghost mummy wolfman: So what? A hundred percent of all mummies are dead!
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