Comic 28 - Welcome to our humble abode

Posted on 28th Oct 2015, 3:16 PM in The Double
Welcome to our humble abode
The old woman leads Ioannes and Tapper to a tiny, run-down shack.
Woman: Welcome to our humble abode!
The old woman pulls out some clothes.
Woman: Let's see. These should be in your size, boys! When you are ready, come and sample our...home cooking!
The old woman has a well-stocked dining table. Unfortunately, the food looks unappealing and tentacly.
Ioannes: Our thanks, dear lady, but my young friend and I must be on our way...
The woman beckons at them.
Woman: To look for the maid Prudence? Perhaps we might be of help?
The old woman walks through a door. Ioannes and Tapper peek in and are startled by what they see.
Ioannes: Lords above!
Tapper: Ooooh!
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