Comic 272 - Frozen No Problem

Posted on 2nd Oct 2018, 9:13 AM in The Young Baron
Frozen No Problem
Panel 1:
Up close, the sculpture can be seen holding a bottle, from which the water of the Fountain of Youth should be poured. However, all of it is frozen solid.
The Baron von Fieffelfalsfaffel raises his hands to the air as the sorcerer Ioannes looks on.
Baron: It's frozen!
Lead Penguin: No problem!

Panel 2:
The team of penguins is pulling the sled with the fountain on it, as Ioannes and the Baron walk beside it.

Panel 3:
Meanwhile, the Russian spies, Boris and Igor, are on the phone with their officer. There is a cloud of smoke behind them.
Officer (through phone): Did the penguins and the foreigners steal the fountain? In Stalin's name, terminate them!
Boris: Eh…

Panel 4:
Igor looks at the ruined remains of the pair's snow scooter.
Officer (through phone): Don't forget to torture the victims first!
Boris: Eh…

Panel 5:
The Baron and Ioannes are standing by their vessel, a block of ice with a crocodile at the center. The Lead Penguin is present to see them off.
Lead Penguin: You are free to go. And take the Fountain with you. In a few days, the magic water will melt.

Panel 6:
A block of ice breaks off with Ioannes, the Baron, the homunculus and the Fountain of Youth on it.
Lead Penguin: Keep a north-eastern direction. In a few days, you will have the Australian coast in sight.

Panel 7:
The Baron and Ioannes sit down for another game of chess.
Baron: What is Australia?
Ioannes: Why, the New Olde Olde New World, of course. Not yet discovered. Your turn.

Panel 8:
The Russian spies are following the Baron and Ioannes on another breakaway piece of ice that is shaped like the hammer-and-sickle symbol.
Baron: Why does Santa Claus want to keep the crocodile?
Ioannes: I have no idea. Checkmate!
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