Comic 270 - Santa's burnout

Posted on 30th Sep 2018, 9:05 AM in The Young Baron
Santa's burnout
Panel 1:
The Baron von Fieffelfalsfaffel, the sorcerer Ioannes and the Lead Penguin are riding in a sled pulled by other penguins.
Baron: What is your connection to Santa Claus?
Lead Penguin: Well, it's like this…

Panel 2:
Lead Penguin: Years of hard labour has left Santa predisposed to posttraumatic stress…

Panel 3:
Lead Penguin: The dire situation peaked after a particularly exhausting period, due to changes in the world economy causing a crazy Christmas gift bonanza.

Panel 4:
Lead Penguin: Santa collapsed, and had no choice but to outsource his enterprise. We are in charge of the southern department on a five-year contract.

Panel 5:
Ioannes: I see. And with the crocodile confiscated, we are given access to the fountain of youth?

Panel 6:
Lead Penguin: That's correct.
Baron: No strings attached?

Panel 7:
Lead Penguin: Eh… well… the Fountain of Youth is located in the Russian sector…
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