Comic 265 - Slapheads!

Posted on 25th Sep 2018, 9:58 AM in The Young Baron
Panel 1:
The two castaways walk off; it is not clear where to. The Baron von Fieffelfalsfaffel stays behind, holding the two bottles of eternal youth juice and looking more than a bit baffled. The sorcerer Ioannes is sitting on the dead crocodile as if it is a bench. The castaways speak in unison.
Castaway 1 and 2: Our husbands are missing us. Goodbye, gentlemen!
Baron: Goodbye ladies…

Panel 2:
The Baron and Ioannes, both seated on the dead crocodile, down their bottles of eternal youth juice.

Panel 3:
The Baron and Ioannes are both unchanged, except for one detail: neither of them have any hair left.
Baron: Not bad
Ioannes: Not at all

Panel 4:
Baron: But I don't feel any younger…
Ioannes: Me neither. Not a day younger…

Panel 5:
Ioannes and the Baron, both now very grumpy, are paddling down the river, using the dead crocodile as a canoe. They are still completely bald.
Ioannes: Now try to maintain a steady direction!
Baron: Shut up and row!
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