Comic 258 - The end of the line, in more than one sense

Posted on 18th Sep 2018, 10:23 AM in The Young Baron
The end of the line, in more than one sense
Panel 1:
The Baron von Fieffelfalsfafel and the sorcerer Ioannes are out of their trolley and looking into the distance.
Baron: We have reached the end of the line.

Panel 2:
Ioannes: From my calculations, we must be somewhere under the Mexican Gulf.
Baron: Here is a barrel.

Panel 3:
There is indeed a large barrel in the room. The Baron and Ioannes eye it.
Ioannes: With no label on it.

Panel 4:
The Baron has turned the faucet and is holding a cup under it. A liquid is pouring into the cup.
Baron: Dang, let's have a taste.

Panel 5:
The Baron and Ioannes drink.
SFX: Glob glob

Panel 6:
Baron: An agreeable flavor, or what?
Ioannes: By all means. But I don't feel any younger.

Panel 7:
Ioannes: I have an eery feeling about this place…
Baron: Eery as in grave?

Panel 8:
A ghost of a wolfman pops up. He is eyeless and wrapped in bandages like a munmy.
Ghost-wolfman: Precisely, Sir!
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