Comic 257 - The Real Deal

Posted on 17th Sep 2018, 9:53 AM in The Young Baron
The Real Deal
Panel 1:
The man with the eyepatch makes his push.
Eyepatch man: New kids in town?

Panel 2:
Eyepatch man:
Cough up ten bucks, and I'll show you where to find the real deal.

Panel 3:
The Baron, Ioannes, the homunculus and Eyepatch man are at the entrance of an old mine shaft. A railway leads into it, and there is a rail cart.
Eyepatch man: Ten more bucks and we can call it quits. Follow the mine shaft to the bottom.

Panel 4:
The Baron and Ioannes drive the cart into the mine shaft. Ioannes waves at Eyepatch man.

Panel 5:
The cart continues down the mine shaft.

Panel 6:
The cart continues down the mine shaft.
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