Comic 253 - Unnerving music

Posted on 13th Sep 2018, 10:09 AM in The Young Baron
Unnerving music
Panel 1:
Shift to a new sequence. The Baron von Fieffelfalsfaffel and the sorcerer Ioannes have their backs to a totem pole that looks like it could come out of an Asterix comic.
Caption: As the wolfman unawares contribute to the Osiris myth, the Baron and the wizard embark on an overseas adventure…

Panel 2:
The Baron and Ioannes are in fact tied to the totem pole. Native American men brandishing tomahawks dance around them. There is a ghetto blaster blasting music.
Baron: The New World, my ass.
Ioannes: Interesting folklore, though.

Panel 3:
Ioannes: But I find the music unnerving!

Panel 4:
The Baron concurs.
Baron: It's loud and repetitive. I hate it!

Panel 5:
A lightbulb goes off over Ioannes' head.
Baron: I'd prefer some sweet ballad.

Panel 6:
The homunculus has walked over to the ghetto blaster and opened a menu. The options are "World Music", "Ballads", "Hip Hop" and "Metal". He selects "Ballads".

Panel 7:
The music changes and the men stop dancing. Love, in the form of heart symbols, is in the air.

Panel 8:
The men all offer flowers to the women of the tribe.
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