Comic 252 - Curse of the tomb… but not everyone believes it.

Posted on 12th Sep 2018, 10:00 AM in The Young Baron
Curse of the tomb… but not everyone believes it.
Panel 1:
The sorcerer Ioannes reads the scroll while the Baron von Fieffelfalsfaffel looks on.
Ioannes: Well I'll be damned. It reads.

Panel 2:
Ioannes reads on.
Ioannes: To trespassers it may concern. If caught on the burial site, you will be done for, embalmed, mummified, adorned with leaves of gold and locked up for ages.

Panel 3:
Baron: I think the threat should be taken seriously. My advice is simply to leave ASAP.

Panel 4:
Baron: Did the scroll say anything about the fountain of youth?
Ioannes: Yes, in fact it did…

Panel 5:
The Baron addresses the wolfmen.
Baron: Pack it up, boys. The search for youth will continue in the New World.

Panel 6:
Head wolfman: Sir, we ask permission to remain on the site.

Panel 7:
Head wolfman: The crew would like to finish the project. Besides, we want to serve apprenticeship at a larger site, in order to receive proper pyramid diplomas.

Panel 8:
Baron: Permission granted. Stay as long as you like. The knowhow may come in handy.
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