Comic 251 - The Pyramid Project

Posted on 11th Sep 2018, 10:04 AM in The Young Baron
The Pyramid Project
Panel 1:
The boat has been moored, and the Baron von Fieffelfalsfaffel, the sorcerer Ioannes and the wolfmen are looking at the foundations of a pyramid under construction.

Panel 2:
The Baron announces his plan.
Baron: Ioannes! I would like you to build a pyramid right here on this spot!
Head wolfman: Yes, sir!

Panel 3:
The wolfmen get to work applying their masonry skills to build a pyramid, albeit not a very large one.

Panel 4:
The Baron and Ioannes sit back against the wall of another pyramid with bottles of drink by their sides.
Baron: Do you think the pyramid project will be financially rewarding?
Ioannes: Maybe.

Panel 5:
The Baron and Ioannes look at the wolfmen's project. A wolfman is climbing up from the bottom of the pyramid to the opening where the crew is still at work.
Baron: In that case, maybe the boys should have a tiny slice of the turnover?
Ioannes: Or maybe not.
Wolfman: Boss!

Panel 6:
The wolfman inside the pyramid gives an object to the head wolfman.
Wolfman: I found something in the tomb.
Head wolfman: let me hand it over.

Panel 7:
The head wolfman passes the object, a scroll, on to the Baron.
Head wolfman: Sir, one of the boys found this scroll underneath the site.
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