Comic 249 - By the Rivers of Babylon

Posted on 9th Sep 2018, 9:44 AM in The Young Baron
By the Rivers of Babylon
Panel 1:
The Baron von Fieffelfalsfaffel, looking old and decrepit, shambles on walking with a cane but still carrying a large box on his head. The sorcerer Ioannes, also with a large box on his head, leads the way. The wolfmen follow, discussing science from their books among themselves.
Ioannes: Well you certainly don't look the part.

Panel 2:
Ioannes: You look like shit! Don't let it get you down! Be happy! There is the Blue Nile.

Panel 3:
The Baron crouches down to drink from the Blue Nile while Ioannes looks on and two wolfmen play chess.
SFX: Glob glob

Panel 4:
The Baron is restored to his old self. He is middle-aged again, but no younger than that.
Ioannes: Do you feel your old self again?
Baron: No, no. I'll have some more!
Ioannes: I wouldn't!

Panel 5:
The Baron ladles down more water from the Blue Nile while Ioannes looks on and the wolfmen argue over their chess game.

Panel 6:
The Baron is drunk. Ioannes looks on, not telling him "I told you so," but clearly thinking it.

Panel 7:
Ioannes wheels the clearly incapacitated Baron onto a boat.
Baron: "By the rivers of Babylon…""

Panel 8:
The boat departs down the river.
Baron: "Where we sat down, yay-ay we wept…"
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