Comic 246 - Magma is overrated

Posted on 6th Sep 2018, 9:44 AM in The Young Baron
Magma is overrated
Panel 1:
The top of Mt. Kilimanjaro. The Baron von Fieffelfalsfaffel and company are not seen, but their word balloons are. It is not clear who is speaking.
Voice 1: Phew! Magma is overrated!
Voice 2: An acquired taste indeed. And hardly rejuvenating. Where to now?
Voice 3: The origins of the River Nile.
Voice 4: The Blue Nile?
Voice 5: No, I'd rather find the White Nile.

Panel 2:
The Baron and Ioannes the sorcerer are walking through the forest, wearing tropical helmets. Behind them, the wolfmen carry large boxes on their heads.
Baron: This is nice. The wolfmen carry the lot.
Ioannes: Right. We can chill out and watch the scenery.

Panel 3:
As before.
Ioannes; That's the way it should be. No need for changes.
Baron: I totally agree. We'll have none of that workers' union nonsense.

Panel 4:
The wolfmen disagree.
Head wolfman: Blimey! I never heard such bullshit in my life!
Wolfman 2: Fuck the boss!

Panel 5:
Head wolfman: You guys ready for action?
Wolfman 2: I'm in!
Wolfman 3: I'm in!
Wolfman 4: I'm in!

Panel 6:
As the Baron and Ioannes walk through a cliff passage, the wolfmen have assembled on top of the cliff, lifting up their boxes.

Panel 7:
The boxes land on the Baron and Ioannes' heads.
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