Comic 236 - What's in the barrels?

Posted on 27th Aug 2018, 9:52 AM in The Young Baron
What's in the barrels?
Panel 1:
A wolfman is rolling a barrel towards a stack by the entrance of the cabin. The Baron von Fieffelfalsfaffel looks on. Behind him, the sea is wild. A solitary seagul flies overhead.

Panel 2:
The wolfman walks away to fetch another barrel. The seagull is pulling a giant fish out of a tall wave that must be much closer than it originally looked.

Panel 3:
As the seagull tries to carry the fish away, the Baron interrupts the wolfman at his work.
Baron: What's in the barrels?

Panel 4:
The seagull drops the fish.
Wolfman: Magical water sent by your spouse, Sir!
Baron: Water? That's like her!

Panel 5:
Baron: Throw the barrels overboard!
Wolfman: Aye, aye, Sir!

Panel 6:
The seagull is now itself being caught by a giant fish.
Baron: And order fresh barrels of rum for everyone!

Panel 7:
As the giant fish devours the seagull, the Baron and his crew are very drunk. One of them is puking over the railing. Another is passed out.
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