Comic 23 - Solid ground at long last!

Posted on 23rd Oct 2015, 5:46 PM in The Double
Solid ground at long last!
Tapper and Ioannes clamber onto dry land.
Ioannes: At long last, we're on solid ground again!
Tapper: I'm freezing! And hungry!
Ioannes: Hmm.... well, let's locate a pub! Aah! Smell that spoor of cheap spirits and piss! And cheap women and- Here we are! The Jolly Cockroach!
They sit down.
Ioannes: Bartender! Let's have your strongest!
Ioannes chugs his drink.
Ioannes: Ad fundum!
Meanwhile, in the foreground, a group of thugs are starting to notice him.
Ioannes: Not bad! Another!
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