Comic 229 - Midlife crisis hits hard

Posted on 20th Aug 2018, 9:54 AM in The Young Baron
Midlife crisis hits hard
Panel 1:
The Baron, moving as if he feels broken, walks past a graveyard.

Panel 2:
The Baron imagines himself lying in a coffin.

Panel 3:
The Baron, weeping openly, walks past a butchers' shop. There are animal cadavers in the window, including a pig's head.

Panel 4:
The Baron imagines himself looking like a pig.

Panel 5:
The Baron shambles into a pub.

Panel 6:
Attempting to be cheerful, the Baron instead insults a waitress who is carrying drinks around.
Baron: One beer, please! By the way, what a nice pair!

Panel 7:
The waitress leans over the Baron's table.
Waitress: You old goat! Ever heard about…

Panel 8:
The waitress turns away, contemptuously, adding to the Baron's dejection.
Waitress: …#metoo?
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