Comic 225 - Everyone's a skeptic these days

Posted on 11th Aug 2018, 10:00 AM in Courtly Manners 2: The Unicorn Race
Everyone's a skeptic these days
Panel 1:
Elspeth: Interesting. Do go on.
Kel: It was countess Alcydia.

Panel 2:
Elspeth: And how, pray, do you know that, young lady?

Panel 3: Kel: Duchess Gu∂rún told me.
Elspeth: AHA!

Panel 4:
Elspeth: The Duchess's animosity to her cousin is well-known. Her opinion is not to be trusted!
Kel: But-

Panel 5:
Two soldiers grab Kel and Krakatoa by the shoulders.
Elspeth: I'll have no more of this! Take these two and that grinning moustachio'ed idiot to the re-education dungeons!
Krakatoa: Noooo!

Panel 6:
An advisor points at the two wolfmen, who are still licking Queen Elspeth's boots.
Advisor: And what do we do about these, your Majesty?
Elspeth: We shall keep them! Your Queen has more than one pair of shoes.
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