Comic 224 - Lickalick

Posted on 10th Aug 2018, 9:38 AM in Courtly Manners 2: The Unicorn Race
Panel 1:
As the Queen keeps talking, a second, very large Granite Demon taps on her shoulder.
Elspeth: You three have shown an appalling lack of courtly-

Panel 2:
The Granite Demon holds up the two wolfmen. Krakatoa takes the opportunity to criticize Kel for her frequent nudity, without realizing she is practically naked herself.
Elspeth: Yes? Ah!
Krakatoa: Really, you should learn to realize when you're naked.

Panel 3:
The wolfmen are kneeling before the Queen, who lifts up her skirts slightly.
Elspeth: first, we shall learn who was behind this attempt!
Wolfmen: ~whimper~

Panel 4:
The wolfmen get to work licking the Queen's boots.
Wolfman 1: We'd tell, your Majesty!
Wolfman 2: But we can't! We've been brainwashed!

Panel 5:
Elspeth: …Can't have taken long.
Wolfman 1: Your Majesty?
Elspeth: Never mind. Carry on.

Panel 6:
Kel barges in.
Kel: Your Majesty! I know who was behind the attack!
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