Comic 223 - Street Smart Swot

Posted on 9th Aug 2018, 10:01 AM in Courtly Manners 2: The Unicorn Race
Street Smart Swot
Panel 1:
Krakatoa: I didn't spend all my time at Wittenberg swotting, you know. I hung out with a rough crowd.

Panel 2:
The Queen's advisors and soldiers are putting out a fire at the royal stalls.
Krakatoa (off-panel): …so I picked up some street skills outside school hours.

Panel 3:
As Kel and Krakatoa are talking, a large Granite Demon appears behind them. Fay tries to set it on fire by casting a fireball.
Kel: Those things give me the willies, anyway. Let's hope the Queen doesn't use them again.

Panel 4:
The Granite Demon pickes Kel and Krakatoa up. Kel is still hoolding Fay.
Kel: Eep!
Krakatoa: Hey!

Panel 5:
The Granite Demon walks away with Kel and Krakatoa in its hands.
Kel: What do you want? Let go of us!

Panel 6:
The Granite Demon puts Kel and Krakatoa (and Fay) down in front of the Queen who stands before them with arms crossed.
Elspeth: We are STILL not amused.
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