Comic 222 - Mind control spell

Posted on 8th Aug 2018, 10:01 AM in Courtly Manners 2: The Unicorn Race
Mind control spell
Panel 1:
Kel picks up Fay and lifts her up in the air as she squeals with joy.
Krakatoa, meanwhile, checks out the audience.
Kel: Oh, sweetie, mummy is allright!
Fay: FOOM!

Panel 2:
While Kel talks to Krakatoa, Fay casts fireballs behind her back.
Kel: There are witches in the audience. Could they-
Krakatoa: No.
Fay: Foom!

Panel 3:
Krakatoa: They're under a mind control spell. As long as they stay in their seats, they're meek as lambs.
Kel: The plotters' doing, I'm sure?

Panel 4:
Up near the roof, the Guard Demons are still at their post, staring down at the audience.
Krakatoa (off-panel): No… it comes from the guard demons. Look how they're positioned.
Kel (off-panel): …a ring around the arena.

Panel 5:
Fay casts another fireball. She's having fun with it.
Kel: Some protection those are. Why weren't we affected?
Fay: Foom!

Panel 6:
Something is on fire behind Kel, but she doesn't notice.
Krakatoa: You are probably immune. As for me…
Kel: Sweetie, could you be quiet for a moment?
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