Comic 221 - Bad wolf!

Posted on 7th Aug 2018, 9:50 AM in Courtly Manners 2: The Unicorn Race
Bad wolf!
Panel 1:
The wolfman is lleaning towards Kel's face.
Wolfman: We fasted for days before this attempt, did you know that?

Panel 2:
Kel is very frightened now.
Wolfman: We didn't get to the old hag, but frankly, you look a lot more-

Panel 3:
The wolfman is struck from behind by a fireball.
Wolfman: YELP!

Panel 4:
The wolfman runs away with his ass on fire.
Wolfman: YAAAAAWL!
Kel: What the-

Panel 5:
Kel sits up.
Kel: Kra, did you throw a fireball?
Wolfman (off-panel): Yeaow! Yelp! Oow!

Panel 6:
Krakatoa helps kel up while Fay waddles into frame grinning and with her fingers smoking.
Krakatoa: Not me. I was startled.
Kel: Then who?
Fay: Mama! Mama!
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