Comic 214 - Surely it's the runner who gets the point?

Posted on 31st Jul 2018, 9:40 AM in Courtly Manners 2: The Unicorn Race
Surely it's the runner who gets the point?
Panel 1:
A unicorn is about to lance a runner with its horn. Its rider grins malevolently.
Announcer: …And Unicorn Team Leader is gaining on von Pfilfervinkers! But he may yet-

Panel 2:
Kel covers Fay's eyes so she doesn't have to see the violent scene. The rest of the audience cheer.
Announcer: NO! He's out! One point for the unicorn team, and boy what a painful point it is!
Von Pfilfervinkers (off-panel): AAAAARGHL!

Panel 3:
The rhinoceros is catching up with the unicorns, causing some of their riders to fall off.
Announcer: Meanwhile, a surprise devlopment as number thirteen is rolling up the field…

Panel 4:
Fieffelfalsfaffel runs just a little bit ahead of the rhinoceros.
Announcer: She's rolled up the runners! Only von Fieffelfalsfaffel remains on his feet! He may still make it! A superb athlete, three times winter f the Caliphatic Harem Games…
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