Comic 213 - Number 13 having trouble

Posted on 30th Jul 2018, 9:23 AM in Courtly Manners 2: The Unicorn Race
Number 13 having trouble
Panel 1:
The runners are running in a pack, with Fieffelfalsfaffel in front, spreading his arms to hold back the others.
Announcer: As usual, the runners got one circuit's head start. Any man to cross the finish line gets one hunderd gold crowns. The first one gets the trophy (Dread Baron Leading…)

Panel 2:
The Unicorn riders are in pursuit.
Announcer: The unicorn team get a hundred crowns for each runner taken out. IF they get them all, the first Unicorn to finish gets - aaand there they come!

Panel 3:
Krakatoa's rhinoceros is still not moving. Krakatoa is getting upset.
Announcer: Uhmm… looks like number thirteen is having problems…
Krakatoa: Will you go, you stupid- lazy-

Panel 4:
The cloaked figure, her face now partly shown so that she can be recognised as Alcydia, whistles on her fingers.
Alcydia: <whistle>

Panel 5:
The rhinoceros thunders off.
Krakatoa: Yikes!
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