Comic 211 - That's a unicorn?

Posted on 28th Jul 2018, 4:01 PM in Courtly Manners 2: The Unicorn Race
That's a unicorn?
Panel 1:
One of the horsey women is now mounted on her Unicorn. Mount and rider alike glare viciously at Krakatoa. At the same time, a head groom, holding a pair of reins, taps krakatoa on the shoulder.
Horsey Woman 1: Who're you riding, then? Someone elderly and sedate, I hope?
Krakatoa: I'll know any minute now.
Krakatoa (thinks): They think unicorns are people?
Head groom: Number thirteen, Krakatoa?

Panel 2.
The Head groom shows Krakatoa her mount, a rhinoceros, which looks back at both women with an expression of malign indifference.
Head groom: Your steed, miss.
Krakatoa: THAT'S a unicorn?
Head groom: African unicorn, Miss.

Panel 3:
Krakatoa is mounted on the Rhinoceros. The head groom pets it on the head.
Krakatoa: African Unicorn? REALLY?
Head groom: Never had one before, so we must take the owner's word for it.

Panel 4:
As the Unicorn riders prepare to start the race, the Head groom takes Krakatoa into her confidence. In the distance, a cloaked figure watches.
Announcer: On your marks…
Head groom: To be honest, I think it may be Indian!
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