Comic 210 - Aaaaaaaaand… here are the maidens!

Posted on 27th Jul 2018, 9:49 AM in Courtly Manners 2: The Unicorn Race
Aaaaaaaaand… here are the maidens!
Panel 1:
A group of young ladies in horse riding outfits, with jockey pants, hard caps and riding crops, enter the arena. At the back of the group is Krakatoa, whose all-black outfit consists of leather leggings held together by clasps an and a brief crop top.
Announcer: Aaaaaand… here are the MAAAIDENS!

Panel 2:
In the audience: Kel is startled to recognise Krakatoa.
Announcer: The fearless amazons who will assist the unicorn team!
Kel: But - that's…

Panel 3: The horsey women look at Krakatoa's outfit in befuddlement.
Horsey woman 1: What kind of riding outfit is that?
Krakatoa: Do you like it? It's the latest from Gnomian Gear!
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