Comic 201 - The Baron's men are persistent!

Posted on 18th Jul 2018, 9:02 AM in Courtly Manners 2: The Unicorn Race
The Baron's men are persistent!
Panel 1:
Kel and Krakatoa have reached their chambers. Kel is changing Fay's diaper while Krakatoa pushes the door shut against the Baron's men.
Baron's Man 1: Oh, fair maiden!
Baron's Man 2: Do join us at tonight's barbecue!
Krakatoa: Yes, yes, whatever!
Baron's Man 3: It'll be THE court event of the year!

Panel 2:
Kel is breastfeeding Fay.
Krakatoa: REALLY, Kel! Dragging a baby along will crimp our style!
Kel: Oh, do grow up!

Panel 3:
Krakatoa: Grow up? Look who's talking! Remember last year? How you teased that baron until his brain boiled?
Kel: I wasn't the one who kept pushing noblemen into the alligator pit!*)
*) Footnote: See courtly Manners #1. There were no alligators in the pit at the time and no noblemen were hurt except perhaps their egos, which needed hurting to be honest.

Panel 4:
Kel and Krakatoa are hitting one another with pillows while Fay looks on.
Kel: Man-eating bath0house tramp!
Krakatoa: Hormone-addled milk cow!
Fay (thinks): Oh, do grow up!
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