Comic 20 - My rheumatism will kill me!

Posted on 20th Oct 2015, 5:08 PM in The Double
My rheumatism will kill me!
Dupond and Dupont turn a wheel that opens the floodgates to drown Tapper and Ioannes.
Dupont: In the name of the Witch Queen, you are sentenced to death!
Dupond: I'd even say you are sentenced to death in the name of the Witch Queen!
Tapper: No! Wait! Don't leave us!
Ioannes! How rude!
Ioannes' homunculus is climbing up Tapper's leg.
Tapper: Help! Help!
Ioannes: The dampness! My rheumatism will kill me!
A small sailboat approaches.
Ioannes: This is getting serious.
Tapper: <Whimper! Howl!>
Ioannes' homunculus is trying to untie Tapper and Ioannes.
Ioannes: That's it, old boy! Untie the knots!
Tapper: <Sob! Weep! Whine!>
The sailboat is revealed to be carrying the family of mice.
Tapper: <Moan!>
Ioannes: Pull! Pull!
As the homunculus struggles to untie the ropes, the mice have spotted him.
Mouse sailor: Whale ahoy!
Ioannes and Tapper are close to drowning. Ioannes is finally showing emotion.
Ioannes: It's too late!
Tapper: Waaaah!
The mice shoot off a harpoon. The harpoon misses the homunculus but cuts through the rope.
Ioannes: We're-
Tapper: Free!
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Author Notes:

ReinderDijkhuis 29th Sep 2018, 2:49 PM edit delete
It's Too Late, a song by Daniel from the musical The Double, based on this scene. Vocals by Dick de Boer (Ioannes) and Michel Bouma (Tapper):