Comic 196 - Five lightyears in reverse

Posted on 11th Jul 2018, 9:43 AM in The Baron and the Andromeda Fog
Five lightyears in reverse
Panel 1: The Baron returns home with his box. His children are running around in the house. Alcydia awaits him arms on hips.
Caption: Five lightyears in reverse...
Baron: I'm back, love!
Alcydia: I can see that. What's in the box?
Baron Dunno. It's a gift from the Queen of Python.

Panel 2: The Baron opens the box on the dining room table. A small dragon emerges from it.
Alcydia: A baby dragon! Isn't it cute, boys?

Panel 3: The boys start playing with the dragon, but they are too rough.
Alcydia: Boys! Be careful!

Panel 4: The dragon starts to spit fire.

Panel 5: The Baron's castle catches fire.

Panel 6. Outside of the burning castle, The Baron, Alcydia and the two sons have just made it out with their lives.
Alcydia: A gift from the Queen! You genuine, utter, absolute and complete idiot!

Panel 7: The Baron sits nursing a beer at the Crazy Rat.
Baron: Ahem!

Panel 8: The envoy is back with a proposal.
Envoy: Explicitly gifted Baron. The Queen Andromeda once again asks for your help. The Dragon Gwyneth has set fire to the prison and escaped.
Baron: Lay it on me!
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