Comic 195 - Alcydia is nosy about Andromeda

Posted on 10th Jul 2018, 9:28 AM in The Baron and the Andromeda Fog
Alcydia is nosy about Andromeda
Panel 1: The Baron and his wolfmen are on a mountain pass. It's pretty foggy.
Caption: In the Python Hills...

Panel 2: The Baron is receiving an incoming call on his mobile crystal ball.

Panel 3: The Baron answers. It's Alcydia.
Baron: Hi, my dear.
Alcydia: 'Ello. What's new?
Baron: I'm following a dragon's trail in the Python Hills...
Alcydia: Good for you. Any news of Andromeda? Still with her nose up in the air, is she?

Panel 4: The Baron sees the dragon in the distance.
Baron: IF you say so, Darling. But I have to attend to business...
Alcydia: What kind of business?

Panel 5: The Baron charges at the dragon, which prepares to spit fire.
Baron: Honey, I have to explain later.

Panel 6: There is a big clash, but it is not clear what exactly happens.

Panel 7: The Baron and his team walk back along the mountain pass with Gwyneth the Dragon tied up.

Panel 8: With Gwyneth behind bars, Andromeda offers the Baron a reward.
Andromeda: Here is a smal token of my gratitude, o Baron. For you and your charming Alcydia!
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