Comic 194 - Gwyneth is up to her old tricks

Posted on 9th Jul 2018, 10:11 AM in The Baron and the Andromeda Fog
Gwyneth is up to her old tricks
Panel 1: Wolfmen under the instructions of the Baron von Fieffelfalsfaffel start the investigation into the cause of the fog and the mysterious events. They tackle the castle's environment with rulers, magnifying glasses and their naked eyes.
Caption: The wolfmen get to work...

Panel 2: Wolfmen in flight over the castle.

Panel 3: Wolfmen in the moat. One of them points at some footprints on the other side of the moat.
Wolfman 1: Hey, look!

Panel 4: A wolfman and the Baron are on all fours, investigating the footprints.
Wolfman 2: I think we have found revealing footprints, Sire.
Baron: A dragon's claw. I'll be damned.
Andromeda (speaking from off-panel): Ahem.

Panel 5:
Andromeda: I assume that Gwyneth is up to her old tricks again.

Panel 6:
Baron: Gwyneth?
ANdromeda: She used to be the scourge of the palnet. No one has seen her in years. A common occurrence among dragons. They tend to lay low for some time and then suddenly strike. Like volcanoes.

Panel 7:
Baron: Your Majesty is well schooled in Dragon lore.
Andromeda: You may not know, but I graduated from the Witch Academy with an A-Plus in Dragon lore and serpentry. Same year as your charming wife, by the way....

Panel 8: I find your knowledge invaluable, O Queen. Would you perhaps know where we might track down the wretched creature?
Andromeda: Try the Python hills, O Baron.
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Author Notes:

ReinderDijkhuis 9th Jul 2018, 10:11 AM edit delete
So on the planet Python, they got the Python Hills. Presumably also a Python Plains, Python Rainforest, Python Ocean and Python Desert.