Comic 193 - Outdated spacesuits and tiny guards

Posted on 8th Jul 2018, 10:09 AM in The Baron and the Andromeda Fog
Outdated spacesuits and tiny guards
Panel 1:
Alcydia (thinks): Andromeda? Urgent matter?
Alcydia: Well, then we need some protection, don't we?

Panel 2: Alcydia sprays the Baron with an unknown substance, which startles the kids.
Baron: Protection?
Alcydia: Relax, you moron! I'm giving you a coat of space spray. Instead of outdated space suits.

Panel 3: The Baron is disgusted by the substance. Alcydia picks up the two kids and heads out of the panel.
Baron: Yuck! It smells like...
Alcydia: Python, of course. Be gone, my love. And behave...

Panel 4: A rocket launches into space.
Caption: Five light-

Panel 5: The Baron kneels before Queen Andromeda of Python. Three dwarf-like men are in attendance.
Caption: -years later
Andromeda: Welcome to Python, most recommended Baron!
Baron: I be at your service, most remarkable Queen.

Panel 6. Outside the castle. Andromeda is giving the Baron a tour; the dwarves are still accompanying them.
Andromeda: My castle. As you can see, the fog obscures most of it.
Baron: Absolutely, your Majesty. And what's with the dwarves?

Panel 7:
Andromeda: What about them? THey are the royal guard, of course.
Baron: In that case, I ought to beam up some reinforcements, Queenie...

Panel 8. Three wolfmen guards are teleported to the surface of the planet Python.
Baron: There you are, o insufficiently guarded Queen. A command of wolfmen at your service.
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Author Notes:

ReinderDijkhuis 8th Jul 2018, 10:09 AM edit delete
As mentioned in the previous page, "Python" stands for the planet Python. "Andromeda", on the other hand, is not a planet, but the name of the queen of the planet Python. Confused? Just roll with it.