Comic 192 - By Royal Appointment

Posted on 7th Jul 2018, 10:11 AM in The Baron and the Andromeda Fog
By Royal Appointment
Panel 1. The Baron von Fieffelfalsfaffel is at an inn, the Crazy Rat, with a bearded royal envoy.
Baron: By royal appointment, hun?

Panel 2:
Baron: Very well. What's the matter?
Envoy: It is like this, o Baron...

Panel 3. The conversation continues. A barmaid brings more drinks in the background.
Envoy: The Queen Andromeda of planet Python sent me to ask for your assistance in a foggy matter...

Panel 4. Zooming out a bit. A fearsome-looking bald man smokes a pipe at another table. The conversation continues.
Envoy: A number of times the Queen's castle has been assaulted. Sudden fires, attempts at food poisoning, odd rumours spread among members of the court. A dense fog obscures the area at all times...

Panel 5:
Envoy: There have been several burglaries in her majesty's private chambers, and some guards got badly injured. Any trace of the scoundrels has evaporated in the mysterious fog...

Panel 6: The Baron grins confidently.
Envoy: The Queen Andromeda is in dire straits, Sire. She seeks the help of a valiant nobleman who can solve the fog mystery and put the misbehaviours to right...
Baron: Right!

Panel 7. Later. The Baron is packing his tools into a toolkit and whistling, while one of his young sons plays with a catapult behind him. In the doorway, Alcydia stands arms on hips, asking him what he's up to.
Alcydia: Going somewhere?

Panel 8: The Baron looks suddenly furtive, as if caught doing something he is not supposed to.
Baron: Yes, yes, my dear. I am off to Planet Python for a few days. The ueen Andromeda has asked for my help in a foxy... err... foggy... err... urgent matter.
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Author Notes:

ReinderDijkhuis 7th Jul 2018, 10:11 AM edit delete
New short story! Whereas Kidnapped Princesses had been promised for over 15 years, the existence of this story was a big surprise. The images you see are pretty much the unedited files that Daniel sent me, with no processing other than cropping and shrinking.
There are some new things being introduced to the Chronicles of the Witch Queen universe here. This is the first time we hear of space travel being possible, and it seems to work pretty smoothly, as you will see.

The beardy fellow is Daniel, by the way.

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