Comic 190 - Refining the investment profile

Posted on 5th Jul 2018, 9:59 AM in Kidnapped Princesses
Refining the investment profile
Panel 1: As the worfmen unload the coffins in the background, Princess Jernia gives an interview to the Wolfmen Broadcasting Corporation.
Jernia: The previous administration's business idea was basically sound, you know.
Panel 2: Jernia stands in front of the conveyor belt, where the wolfmen are working hard emptying coffins onto the belt. What they dump out of the coffins this time is young men in rich attire and crowns on their heads.
Jernia: But where she focused on updating outdated processing, we're refining the investment profile.

Panel 3: On the conveyor belt, two buxom Princesses help a recently-awakened Prince sit up. The Prince is dazed but not entirely unhappy with his predicament.
Jernia: Focusing on more docile stock saves a small fortune in expenses, for guards and restraining equipment...

Panel 4: In a thought bubble behind Jernia, a scene is shown in which a distraught King drops coins into a bag held by a wolfman as a Princess tallies up the take.
Jernia: And just as our market analysis shows, today's market is willing to pay a much higher price for princes than princesses.
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