Comic 188 - Balls and banquets and balls

Posted on 3rd Jul 2018, 9:46 AM in Kidnapped Princesses
Balls and banquets and balls
Panel 1: The Princesses are gathered back in the castle, parts of which are still smouldering.
Princess 1: Home to Mom and Dad!
Princess 2: And balls and banquets.... and... er... and...

Panel 2:
Princess 2: Never cared for balls and banquets, really.
Princess 1: Nor spinsterly ladies-in-waiting and stuffy etiquette!

Panel 3:
Princess 3: Nor pimply royal suitors!
Princess 4: And chastity belts!

Panel 4:
Princess 5: Yeah! All my dad ever cared about was getting me suitably married!
Princess 1: A mere chip in his games of power!

Panel 5: Jernia intervenes.
Jernia: Ladies, ladies!

Panel 6:
Jernia: I understand your woes. And I believe you are in a position to DO something about them...
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