Comic 186 - From dungeon to boudoir

Posted on 1st Jul 2018, 10:21 AM in Kidnapped Princesses
From dungeon to boudoir
Panel 1. The Baron runs down the road away from Castle Blotkov, still carrying the naked Alcydia.
Panel 2. Some time later. The Baron and Alcydia are resting under a tree. Alcydia is now wearing the Baron's armour, leaving the Baron in only his breeches and boots.
Alcydia: So you're taking me to your father's castle?
Baron: A return in triumph.
Alcydia: And I will be well taken care of?
Baron: By me personally.
Panel 3. The Baron and Alcydia are arriving at the Fieffelfalsfaffel's ancestral home.
Guard: But... the Princess Jernia?
Baron: Never there. A false rumour. Searched from dungeon to boudoir. No glimpse of her.
Panel 4. At Castle Blotkov, Jernia and another Princess are looking out and discussing the situation.
Princess: The evil witch escapes.
Jernia: Hmmm...
Panel 5:
Jernia: Let her run. If I read the crests in these, she's in for worse than a bonfire.
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