Comic 183 - The boudoir and sanctuary.

Posted on 28th Jun 2018, 10:12 AM in Kidnapped Princesses
The boudoir and sanctuary.
Panel 1: The wolfmen are beating the retreat as the Princesses are beating the wolfmen and chasing them with pitchforks, skillets and other improvised weapons.
Panel 2: As Alcydia rests in her bed, the wolfmen are barricading her boudoir with furniture. An advisor wolfman is barking out orders.
Advisor: More antique furniture is needed to bar the door. Get it done! My position is on the line here!
Panel 3: The advisor wolfman turns towards Alcydia to bring her up to date.
Advisor: We are facing serious problems, your highness. The dangerous princesses have escaped and organized themselves under the leadership of the gruesome and cunning Princess Jernia!
Panel 4: As the Baron sneaks into the boudoir, the Advisor continues his debriefing.
Advisor: As a result, our troops are exhausted and can't keep it up much longer, unless a raise in salary could be arranged.
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