Comic 180 - Baron in a panic

Posted on 25th Jun 2018, 10:28 AM in Kidnapped Princesses
Baron in a panic
Panel 1: As the Baron flees down a corridor, a group of Princesses watches him leave.
Princess 1: What was that?
Princess 2: One of the evil witch's poor victims!
Panel 2: The Baron's escape route takes him further down the stairs.
Baron: Witches! They're here!
Panel 3: The Baron observes a second group of Princesses beating a wolfman with brooms.
Baron (thinks): And here!
Princess 3: Get 'im, Martha!
Panel 4: The Baron has reached a courtyard where witches are building a bonfire out of Alcydia's furniture.
Princess 4: More wood! We'll need a HUGE bonfire!
Princess 5: She'll burn good!
Baron (thinks): Plotting evil...
Panel 5: The Baron has gone back up and is now looing up at the castle's battlements, from which two Princesses empty a barrel of apples.
Princess 6: Get rid of the apples!
Princess 7: No one will ever again eat those cursed fruits!
Baron (thinks): Spoiling food and destroying crops...
Panel 6: The Baron looks out a window.
Baron (thinks): They're at the doors. Maybe I can get out of here!
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