Comic 18 - Ta deedum tum dee dee dum

Posted on 18th Oct 2015, 4:04 PM in The Double
Ta deedum tum dee dee dum
Prudi is now alone in her chambers.
Prudi (thought): Peace at last! A hot bath should calm me down!
Prudi runs the bath, then sits down in it.
Prudi: Ta dee dum tum deedeedum.
A pair of hands turns up behind her. It belongs to a wolf-like creature, which proceeds to grab Prudi by the neck and push her underwater.
Prudi: Aaaaack!
The hands let go of Prudi as her servants walk back into the room.
Servant: F-forgive us, countess! We bring shampoo and bath salts and...
Prudi jumps out of her bath to hug the nearest servant.
Prudi: Thank you thank you thank you! Don't ever leave me alone again!
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