Comic 178 - The poor, misunderstood countess Alcydia

Posted on 23rd Jun 2018, 9:42 AM in Kidnapped Princesses
The poor, misunderstood countess Alcydia
Panel 1: The Baron awakens in a dungeon. He is shirtless and his arms are raised above his body.
Caption: Meanwhile...
Baron: Urrrgblgrg...
Panel 2: The Baron finds himself chained up, in his underwear and surrounded by instruments of torture including an Iron Maiden.
Baron: WHAT?!?
Panel 3: The Baron pulls on his chains.
Baron: The dishonour! The insult! To do such a thing against a Fieffelfalsfaffel! But I'll...
Panel 4: The Baron pulls himself loose. Bricks fall out of the wall.
Baron: ... Show them!
Panel 5: Still dizzy from performing his heroic feet of strength, the Baron wanders off.
Baron: Hah! And now I get my due!
Panel 6: The Baron trips on one of the bricks he pulled from the wall.
Panel 7: Undeterred, the Baron breaks out of his cell using the closed Iron Maiden as a battering ram.
Panel 8: Still clearly addled from his feat of strength and his fall, the Baron thinks about the situation.
Baron (thinks): The more so because I recognized that maiden chained before the castle. It was the poor, misunderstood countess Alcydia! I'll free her too from the vicious witches that reside herein!
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