Comic 177 - Brute, violent thugs

Posted on 22nd Jun 2018, 10:16 AM in Kidnapped Princesses
Brute, violent thugs
Panel 1: Ornamental panel over the rest of the page. The Princesses make short work of the Wolfman guards.
Panel 2: The wolfman journalist opens a door and tries to get the attention of the guards on the other side of it. Behind him, the Princesses lie in wait.
Journalist: Psssst!
Panel 3: The wolfman journalist holds up a microphone to the wolfman guards. The guards react enthusiastically.
Journalist: WBC. We're doing a documentary on our brave corps of Princess-keepers.
Guard 1: Really?
Guard 2: Wow!
Panel 4: The interview proceeds. Behind the guards, the Princesses are ready to strike.
Guard 1: ...And it's not as if all those princesses are ladies, you know. Brute, violent thugs, many of them.
Guard 2: Got to be on the bounce. Watch your back.
Panel 5: The guards are down. One princess tries on a helmet that belonged to one of the guards. The journalist and Jernia hover over the guards' bodies.
Jernia: Good wolf. Now repeat this on every floor down to ground level.
Journalist: On the condition that you revive my camera crew. I've got to get this on tape.
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