Comic 175 - The time has come

Posted on 20th Jun 2018, 10:00 AM in Kidnapped Princesses
The time has come
Panel 1: Seen through a window, the Baron is placed on rollers and then rolled towards his cell while a WBC team watches.
Baron: Zzzzzz....
Wolfman foreman: One-Two-Three! HAAAAAUUUULLLL! One-two...
Panel 2: In a common room, two princesses observe the proceedings while the others read their magazines.
Princess 1: Oh, the poor, defenseless man! This just can't be allowed to continue!
Princess 2: Right, Jernia?

Panel 3: Princess Jernia looks out the window, rubbing her sizable chin.
Jernia: Yes, I believe the time has come. Is everybody finished with their reading?

Panel 4: The princesses in the room answer in the affirmative.
Princess 3: I've finished the April issue of "Ultimate Extreme Karate!" I'm ready!
Princess 4: I've found some really good tips on "Robber Knights Weekly!"
Princess 5: The "Inquisitor" has the most enlightening feature on bonfires!
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