Comic 174 - Horse sausage for dinner

Posted on 19th Jun 2018, 10:22 AM in Kidnapped Princesses
Horse sausage for dinner
Panel 1: The Baron and his horse roll down the conveyor belt.
Panel 2: They roll further down the belt, where two wolfmen in lab coats wait for them, drill syringe in hand.
Panel 3: One wolfman drills a hole through Fieffelfalsfaffel's armour. The other prepares to inject him with the syringe.
Panel 4: The second wolfman injects Fieffelfalsfaffel through the hole in his armour. In the background, the horse knocks a wolfman off his feet.
Panel 5: The horse is sedated with a giant syringe as Fieffelfalsfaffel is carried off the conveyor belt by two wolfmen.
Wolfman leader: OK, boys, put him in the special tower cell!
Wolfman 1: Pheew! What have they fed this guy?
Wolfman 2: The princesses were better. If this is the new product line, I'm calling the union!
Wolfman 3: Lighten up guys! There will be horse sausage for dinner!
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