Comic 173 - Attack!

Posted on 18th Jun 2018, 10:01 AM in Kidnapped Princesses
Panel 1: The Baron charges on his horse as his men turn around on theirs.
Baron: Attack, brave men of Fieffelfalsfaffel!

Panel 2: The Baron charges at the dragon, which strikes a defensive pose.
Baron: Fear not, sweet virgin! The Baron von FIeffelfalsfaffel shall...

Panel 3: A cloud appears; the Baron disappears in it.
SFX: Poof!
Baron: ...Shall...

Panel 4: The Baron has fallen in a hole in the ground. WBC wolfmen film it and write it up. Alcydia magicks away her chains.
Journalist 1: Straight down the chute, horse and all.
Journalist 2: But isn't that trick a wee bit old, o Mistress?
Alcydia: He's a human male. YOu wouldn't understand...
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