Comic 168 - The Fieffelfalsfaffel Tourney starts

Posted on 13th Jun 2018, 10:01 AM in Kidnapped Princesses
The Fieffelfalsfaffel Tourney starts
Panel 1: Earl Tankbarth von Fieffelfalsfaffel walks down a trophy-lined corridor accompanied by a page who is carrying a piece of parchment.
Page: The cream of Fieffelfalsfaffel are ready for the tourney, Sire.
Tankbarth: Good, good!
Panel 2:
Page: Sending your son fishing, Sire?
Tankbarth: That dolt could never handle a witch. He'd be a disaster!
Panel 3: In the arena, which is full of people. The toughest-looking men from the Fieffelfalsfaffel clan are assembled in full armour. Tankbarth sits in the most prestigious seat, announcing.
Tankbarth: KNIGHTS! The winner gets the honour of going after the evil witch and freeing princess Jernia! May the most durable win!
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