Comic 167 - Not Big Brother

Posted on 12th Jun 2018, 10:09 AM in Kidnapped Princesses
Not Big Brother
Panel 1: The wolfmen have been kicked out of Princess Jernia's room/cell and Jernia slams the door behind them.
Jernia: GOODBYE!
Panel 2: The WBC team leader is being helped up by one of his flunkies. He has a black eye but is happy.
Team leader: Good work, boys! We got EMOTION!
Panel 3: Wide view. The team leader is walking over the battlements towards another part of the castle. The producer is reviewing the team's performance.
Flunky 1: OK, boss!
Producer: ...The shot where she stuffs the chamberpot down your throat is pretty good.
Flunky 2: Oooo....
Panel 4: The team leader ambles towards latrine, whistling.
Panel 5: The camera crew sets up outside the latrine.
Panel 6: The team leader opens the latrine door and admonishes the camera crew:
Team leader: Boys, boys, we're doing a docu-soap here. Not Big Brother!
Flunky 1: OK, boss.
Flunky 2: Sorry, boss.
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