Comic 166 - Jernia's mother makes her own, better plan.

Posted on 11th Jun 2018, 10:00 AM in Kidnapped Princesses
Jernia's mother makes her own, better plan.
Panel 1: Alcydia is talking to the wolfman interviewer, whose tail is now the length of a tiny bob and is in bandages.
Alcydia: The old goat won't pay?
Interviewer: Regrettably, O manageress!

Panel 2: Alcydia talks to her accountant, a wolfman with dark-rimmed glasses.
Alcydia: Keep an eye on princess Jernia's account. If the expenses exceed 80% of estimate income, terminate provisions and publish the net result as an incentive to slow payers.
Accountant: Noted, your tycooness.

Panel 3: In the castle's courtyard, some captive princesses are playing basketball under the watchful eyes of several wolfmen including two construction workers and a guard. From a window above the guard, another princess empties her chamber pot. The wolfman interviewer walks along the battlements carrying a stack of magazines.

Panel 4: The interviewer knocks on a door.

Panel 5: Inside, the wolfman is in conversation with Princess Jernia, a young woman with a large chin.
Jernia: I prefer it if people do not use "Jernia". What do you want, o heathen knave?

Panel 5: The wolfman hands the stack of magazines to Princess Jernia.
Interviewer: Jern it is then. Courtesy of WBC, we bring these magazines from your mother.
Jernia: I meant call me Princess, you vile abomination! Hmmm... "Survivalist Monthly", "Black Belt Magazine", "New Escapology Journal", "Dog Discipline Monthly".
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Andrew_C 22nd Sep 2018, 11:21 PM edit delete reply
I see she has the distinctive family jawline. Hopefully there won't be any marriages between the Feiffelfalsfaffels and the Hapsburgs, It would result in some rather unfortunate looking children
ReinderDijkhuis 23rd Sep 2018, 11:30 AM edit delete reply
Prior to The Young Baron I would have said the Fieffelfalsfaffels and the Hapsburgs don't live in the same universe, but who even knows anymore. At least one branch of the Fieffelfalsfaffel clan doesn't seem to have any problems in the brain power area, which puts them ahead of the royal branch of the Hapsburgs.