Comic 164 - Bitches and gentlecurs

Posted on 9th Jun 2018, 9:56 AM in Kidnapped Princesses
Bitches and gentlecurs
Panel 1: A wolfman talks into a microphone as behind him, a scene of a distraught King dropping coins into a bag held by other wolfmen is played out.
Wolfman interviewer: Yes, bitches and gentlecurs, the genius behind Mistress Alcydia's scheme is that everybody pays!
Panel 2: In the Middle East, a distraught Sultan drops coins into a bag held by wolfmen.
Panel 3:
Wolfman interviewer: Who wouldn't pay to get their dear deceased back?
Panel 4: In Eastern Europe, a distraught Czar drops coins into a bag held by wolfmen.
Panel 5: The interviewer talks into the microphone while behind him, a different scene plays out. It shows Earl Tankbarth von Fieffelfalsfaffel jumping up and down in a fit of rage towards the wolfmen who are holding up a moneybag for him to fill.
Interviewer: But of course, there are some hard cases...
Panel 6: The INTERVIEWER is kicked into the air by Earl Tankbarth, who gives him the finger at the same time. As the interviewer flies into the air, he keeps talking.
Interviewer: Some VERY hard cases, bitches and gentlecurs...
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